Colour Palette: Lavender & Lilac

Portobello Road, Notting Hill 

The first of many more to come, I welcome you to my Colour Palette series to guide you through inspiration, ideas and combinations for Table Tassels' products! 

Colour Inspo: Lavender & Lilac

Both of these colours branch from the mother group of purple, and express a sense of spirituality in their presence. With spring around us, the atmosphere is filled with opportunity and the blooming of new beginnings. 

We associate lavender with the aroma of sensuality and serenity as it brings inner contentment. It sparks a feminine feeling inside of all of us, and enters a comfort zone within us. Our French Brocade collection aims to deliver the same sensual and connected feeling with hints of lilac & lavender in the Baroque Mint table cloths matched with lilac draping for the chairs. 

Beautiful lilac flowers are making their entrance in mother nature, and I have tried to incorporate their subtle effect on me through adding the lilac touch into our collections. From Portobello Road vines to London Fashion Week, these purples bond intensely with pastel green and earthy shades to entwine nature with art. 

Event Inspo: Focus on combining these shades of purple with pastel greens and ivory to bring a pop of colour to create an intimate affair at your event. 

Tip: To make a statement, combine our Baroque Mint table cover and Lilac Drapes, but if you are focusing on subtlety, then use the White Gold chair caps for an outdoor event. 

I find it very important to maintain one dominant colour and find the right shades to meet because staying classy means you cannot expose everything. Less is more for a reason, we conceal to reveal in the hope that the colour's effect on us is not only visual but also a sensual part of our experience.